Cat & Fox - Episode 109 - Oshiri

Burr reviews the Valkyria Chronicles anime and Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS). Kantai Collection's Winter event is underway, so he recounts his progress and his rewards so far. He also gives his first impressions of Street Fighter V, which just came out this week. It's not pretty, folks, sorry to say. Kitsune meanwhile dials up a rant of her own against the new Batman movie: Bad Blood, particularly for what it does to Batwoman. We also get reviews of Firewatch, Death Parade, and Deadpool! Anime Night stays cool and stays in school with a vote between Seitokai Yakuindomo and Prison School. Cat vs. Fox spotlights creepy cosplay and an incredibly awkward confession. On Language Share we'll talk about how to share your hobbies. Last but not least in the news we talk about Attack on Titan snow sculptures and an 8 year old's letter to Nintendo.

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