Cat & Fox - Episode 117 - Rem and Ram

Finally another 90 minutes of Cat and Fox goodness! Topics today include: Re: Zero, Alderamin On the Sky, New Game!, Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars) Season 2, Papers, Please, Mob Psycho 100, FFXIV's Yokai Watch event, and Pokemon Go. Kitsune also shares her guilty pleasure with us, Cutthroat Kitchen! Unfortunately we won't be back until the end of the month due to Burr's vacation plans. Anime Night featuring Konosuba will air on 8/24 so mark your calendars! Cat vs. Fox features giant cat heads and a mud bar. Receive our apologies in Spanish and Japanese from the Language Share segment. Finally we play Weeaboo Bingo to find out who's the biggest weeb on the show and in chat. Play along at home and tell us your scores on our Facebook page or Twitter, please!

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