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Nintendo Switch is Here!


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Did you manage to get an Nintendo Switch when it launched at 12:00 midnight on March 3, 2017? If not, do not fret.  Just like the other video game systems that were at one time scarce, I'm sure the Nintendo Switch will follow the same pattern.  Before you know it, there will be stacks of Nintendo Switches, so many of which you won't be able to imagine at one time they were hard to come by.

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Availability of the Nintendo Switch at Launch

Of course, the availability of the Nintendo Switch will differ from area to area at launch time.  During the wee hours after midnight on March 3, 2017, I ventured to the local GameStop to check out this system's availability. As I sort of expected, I was informed the system was no longer available. However, I was told  Nintendo Switches would be available the following Sunday -- that is if all the pre-ordered ones had not been picked up by that time.  Wo is me.... 12:14 a.m. and no Nintendo Switches in sight.

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However, always the optimist, I decided not to give up on my search for an Nintendo Switch, and decided to make a trip to a Best Buy, about ten or so miles away.  Well, this turned out to be a smart decision, because when I got to the parking lot that was crowded for this time of the morning or night (It was 12:38 a.m. when I reached Best Buy), I had a friendly greeter to meet me at the door.  When I inquired about the Nintendo Switch, I was told I was lucky because there were just 3 left.  He told me this while at the same time handing me an advertisement with a number on it for the Nintendo Switch.  

At that time, I was going to just look at the system once I got inside. The store was buzzing with activity, with a table positioned up front with Nintendo Switch games, controllers, and people were already in line purchasing their systems.  The Nintendo Switches were located at the register. Just for the record, they were out of the Nintendo pros (controllers) as well as the Nintendo Switches with the red and blue handles. To make a long story short, before long, I became an owner instead of a spectator as I decided to give the Nintendo Switch a try.

fb switch 1200x480 How about You?

Maybe you are on the fence about getting a Nintendo Switch?  If so, there's nothing wrong with that. Like i said earlier, before long the Nintendo Switch will be just another system to choose from a shelf of many other choices.  As for me, I'm excited to find out if the Nintendo Switch is all that it was hyped up to be.

Happy Nintendo Switch hunting!

Check out my interview with the Best Buy associate on Nintendo Switch launch night...or day here!

La La Land - A Ms. H Movie Review

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Have you ever decided to see a movie simply because you heard a lot of buzz about it.  I admit that’s the main reason I chose to watch La La Land which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I have seen them both in other movies, separately -- so I was curious about all the noise regarding Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling starring in La La Land together.

Do I agree or disagree with the hype, including the Oscar nods for this movie? Check out my movie review of La La Land and find out.

Emma Stone - La La Land

La La Land - The Musical

Interesting enough, "musical" was not tacked to the name of the movie title.  From looking at the promos and trailers, one would get the impression that La La Land is indeed a musical.  I think this label was not added since there were other type actions going on in La La Land, in addition to  singing and dancing.  In fact, personally, I preferred to see the drama portion sans the singing and dancing routines; however, the added entertainment was a nice touch.  

Acting Abilities of the Main Actors in La La Land

In my opinion, one of the goals of La La Land was to be essentially a “feel good” type movie, meaning the director of La La Land wanted you to leave the movie smiling or in a sunny mood. As a result, the acting ranges of the main actors,  Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were not stretched too far.  They both acted out their parts seamlessly, which is a trait of good actors.

You may want to know, who acted the best in their roles -- Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling. In the scene where the two got into an argument, I noticed Emma Stone showed a wider range of acting abilities, with Ryan Gosling seemingly trying to keep up with Emma Stone.  To Ryan Gosling’s defense, most of his previous films were not heavy on dialog or showing emotions, so I guess he did not have much to draw from.  This was not the case with Emma Stone who showed off her acting chops very well.

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You may recall I featured Emma Stone as a celebrity gamer on the 210th episode of the Mom’s Minute Video Game Show During the show,  I applauded her for the range of characters she played in the Saturday Night LIve sketches when she hosted the show. Of course she has starred in movies as well. That being said, Ryan Gosling did a passable job in acting.

Drama, Musical or Both - La La Land

As alluded to earlier, sometimes it’s not easy to put the La La Land movie in one specific category.  This movie is a combination of music and drama - since during some scenes, they would dance or sing and in others, there was dramatic acting.  

The acting, singing and dances were plusses; however the downside is none of the songs were memorable to me.  If you asked me to name a song from the movie, I would be amiss to do so; however, I would be quick to to say the movie was enjoyable to hear and watch.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling - La La LandEmma Stone and Ryan Gosling - La La Land

Assessment of La La Land

The authentic musicals from years passed outshine La La Land by far, even if the technology was not present during those times.  In fact, the singing and dancing in La La Land by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pales against those movies made during the golden age of Hollywood. If you want to see a movie that’s uplifting and has a message essentially to follow your dreams -- wherever they lead, then I definitely recommend this movie.  If you want to see a movie with spectacular dancing, choreography, along with memorable music, I suggest you stick with the classics such as Singing in the Rain and the like.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling - La La LandEmma Stone and Ryan Gosling - La La Land

To answer the question in my movie review introduction -- La La Land was entertaining to watch; however, I think it falls short of Oscar quality.  However, with the upcoming Oscars just around the corner, I guess we will have to just wait and see.

Rating of La La Land

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate La La Land three (3) stars.


Resident Evil - The Final Chapter: A Ms. H Movie Review

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It’s admirable to be positive and sometimes if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all. However, in the case of the movie, Resident Evil - The Final Chapter, I think that being silent  would be a disservice to whoever was contemplating going to the theater to watch this movie. I just saw the movie, and wanted to quickly get my review out to you as sort of a warning about it.  As the saying goes  -- “To be warned is to be forearmed.”   But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is my review of Resident Evil - The Final Chapter.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter 2016 Movie Free Download 720p 3

Hodgepodge of Meaningless Actions and Jump Scares

I recently watched an episode of Celebrity Apprentice where the task was to create a video.  Once the final product reached the team to be edited, they realized what a mess it really was.  Faced with a deadline, the editors instructed the videographer to add all kinds of sounds, to cut scenes out and to just do whatever with the footage -- since it was going to be a disastrous product anyway.  This is what I felt was done to Resident Evil - Final Chapter.  Regarding the jump scares -- The first one was fine - I must admit I did jump a little.  But with each of the other jump scares (which there were many) they became just a time filler, a waste of time and generally ignored by me and probably the rest of the movie audience.

Convoluted Plot of Resident Evil - Final Chapter

If you are an adult, or over 17 years old for that matter, would you take direction and information from a 10 year old child, or a child in general? Of course you woudn’t, if you are of normal intelligence.  Even if the child is now superimposed as a computer of some sort, the fact remains that you are looking to a 10 year old for advice and the next steps to take.  When I saw the 10 year old “adviser” in the beginning of the movie, I saw this as one of the many red flags to let me know this movie was one I should have passed on and saved my time and money.  However, for the sake of spreading the news to you, I endured sitting through the whole movie, but suffice it to say,  I was the first to get up and leave.

Resident Evil - The Final ChapterResident Evil - The Final Chapter

Realism of Resident Evil - Final Chapter

This is a movie involving monsters, zombies, creatures,  including flying ones, skeletal dogs or wolves and all other types of weird organisms, which is par for the course for these types movies.  However, the scene showing what looked to be millions of zombies running behind Alice, played by Milla Jovovich as she was being pulled by a tank -- took movie-magic too far.  Not only were there legions of zombies chasing her, it was hard to believe that not one could  catch up with her or that she didn’t become tired and end up being dragged by the tank.   I think Milla Jovovich via the director took having superhero powers to another level when she managed to escape all of her altercations not only with zombies but with enemy fire, lasers, and other ammunition that would easily have defeated an ordinary human.


Plot of Resident Evil - Final Chapter

Spoiler Alert.  Even though the movie starts off giving a backstory of what took place previously in this story, which centered around a child who would age to be an elderly 90 year- old when she actually would only be 25, in my opinion, there were no rhyme or reason with the plot of the movie itself.  It looked like the whole world was already destroyed but for a few humans, zillions of zombies and monstrous creatures left behind --  so I did not see any reason for this movie.  

Was the plot to save the few people left? Was the plot about a vaccine to cure  the sickness of this child? Was the plot to fight off the zombies? Your guess is as good as mine. My answer would be there was no plot to the movie.  Watching this movie, you realize that it is just an humongus compilation of disjointed, action explosion scenes interspersed with creatures with no plausable storyline.

Regarding unnecessary action -- there was a scene that showed Alice seemingly imagining how she would use a fountain pen to defend herself as she walked toward it as the enemy was getting ready to attack her. Would you believe instead of saving this maybe for deleted scenes for the DVD when it comes out, this movie actually wasted more time showing each way she would battle against her opponent with the fountain pen.

Resident Evil - Final ChapterResident Evil - Final Chapter

Spoiler Alert.  There was a hint of a plot when towards the end of the movie Alice,  an elderly woman and the 10 year old child (in computer form) was in the same room and the child, of course in all of her 10 years of  wisdom told the Alice (the main character)  that Alice was not really who she thought she was, but was a clone, with no memories or any real feeling.  I  sighed with belief, because this would explain why she did not show any feelings when her comrades were destroyed even if the information was coming from a 10 year old.  However, this moment was short lived when the movie veered to some more unnecessary action scenes that did not move the story along.

By the way, if you are prone to having nightmares about falling into large holes, being in very tight places, being stuck in tunnels, or being chased by skeletal wolves, I think you should stay away from this movie. To be honest, you should stay away simply because Resident Evil-Final Destiny is a bad movie -- period.

Assessment of Resident Evil - Final Chapter

I think your time and money would be better spent elsewhere instead of paying to watch Resident Evil-Final Chapter.  Unless you like watching a movie with no plot, random fight scenes that have no basis, like to see grotesque looking creatures,  hanging corpses, violence and mindless explosions, I suggest you pass on this movie.

Resident Evil - Final Chapter is by no means entertaining and you will probably  lose lots of brain cells as you watch it.  Want an example?  Well towards the end of the movie, the child gave the clone hero, Alice, a data set of memories, as if that was all that was needed to make her human. The positive of this movie is the star is a female and she is starring in an action role; however, the movie itself needs a lot of work.

In short -- and to not mince words -- None of the actors stood out or gave good performances, there was no plot, the action scenes were repetitive and the jump scares were a joke.  

Rating of Resident Evil - Final Chapte

On a basis of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Resident Evil - Final Chapter 1 ½ stars. 

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