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7 Days in Entebbe Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect those of

Introduction to 7 Days in Entebbe Movie Review by Ms. H

The movie, 7 Days in Entebbe, did not receive a lot of press before it was released.  I found out about this movie by perusing the movie schedule to see what was playing. Unlike some of the other movies I’ve seen, this movie seemed to be low key without the hype to drum up movie attendance. In my opinion, this was a movie that probably could have done better at the box office if more promotion, interviews and other media attention were paid to it.

Synopsis of 7 Days in Entebbe Movie

7 Days in Entebbe did not start with a narrative or script to let you know the movie is based on actual events that happened in the summer of 1976.  Instead, periodically, you would see dates showing the count down time of the 7 days that related to the events that occurred during that time. Spoiler Alert:  Also at the end of the movie, there was a run down of what happened to certain characters in the movie.

Instead of going into details, briefly, the movie involved an Air France plane being hijacked for political reasons and the subsequent landing of the plane for refueling and the retake off before the final landing in Entebbe, Uganda. The story was told from the viewpoint of some of the captors, or hijackers vice the hostages.

There was also a backstory of a soldier and his dancer partner that in my opinion, served to add a human interest story to the movie--especially when he was called to go on this mission to rescue the hostages.

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Acting Skills Displayed in 7 Days in Entebbe Movie

For the most part, the actors played their roles adequately. When I saw the picture of the woman who had a co-lead role in the movie, Rosamund Pike, I was under the impression she was one of the hostages before the movie started. However, it didn’t take long before I came to realize that she was in on the scheme, as well one of the hijackers.

I believe the writer and director may have lightened up on the type people that hijacked the plane.  For example, one of the hijackers let a little girl go to the restroom while on the plane, and there is a scene where it looks like the hijacker had a heart to heart talk with one of the women who seemed to have become uncontrollably emotional during one of the scenes.  

Creativity of the Storyline of 7 Days in Entebbe

Of course the people involved in this hostage-taking in real life were understandably afraid.  However, I thought it was creative how the director tied in a dance routine of one of the actors with what was going on in the movie.  For example, when the plane landed carrying the soldiers with the mission to rescue the hostages who had been held up for 7 days -- the film would cut back to a dance routine involving the partner of one of the soldiers on the rescue mission.  If you see this movie, you will know what I’m referring to.

Assessment of 7 Days in Entebbe

There were some scenes in 7 Days in Entebbe that may have been added for dramatic purposes -- for example the phone call from one of the hijackers to her partner from a non-working pay phone.  Also, I think the scene with the person who they thought was a spy was underplayed. I also noticed his shirt seemed to be almost spotless after coming back to join the others.

Additionallly, the movie kept an “under the radar” atmosphere for me with no real suspense, even it it was based on true events. I also think the moment the leader  was no longer available and another soldier took over should have been played up more in the movie. That being said, the movie displayed a sense of realism and had a tie in with the dance routine in the movie which helped to raise its rating.

Rating of 7 Days in Entebbe

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate 7 Days in Entebbe 3 stars.

Tomb Raider Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Tomb Raider Movie Review by Ms. H

Before this movie was released, the rumor mill indicated the movie plays the same as the 2013 Tomb Raider video game. In other words, if you played the video game, there was no use in seeing the movie. However, I have a different opinion. While the Tomb Raider movie is not Oscar quality by a long shot, it is a movie worth seeing. There were parts of the movie that followed the video game, but instead of being negatives, I saw these scenes as not only positives, but they stood out to me as highlights of the movie.

Alicia Vikander versus Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in  Tomb Raider Movies

You may be curious to know who played Lara Croft best -- Alicia Vikander or Angelina Jolie. My short answer is there is no contest -- Angelina Jolie wins. The long answer is it is no question in my mind that Angelina Jolie played a better Lara Croft than Alicia Vikander.  By comparison, Alicia Vikander gave me the impression of not fully embodying who the character of Tomb Raider really was. Tomb Raider as played by Angelina Jolie showed more depth in character while Alicia Vikander gave mixed impressions to me as to who Lara Croft was.  Spoiler Alert:  For example at the beginning of the movie, you see Lara Croft cracking jokes and trying to act comical -- which is not a character trait usually identified with Lara Croft. By contrast, Angelina Jolie played the character as a serious action character who was not only brave in many situations, but was inquisitive as well -- hence Lara Croft's interest in the field of archaeology.

Start of the Tomb Raider Movie

I expected light banter to occur between Lara Croft and other characters in the movie, especially at the beginning -- which of course happened. I liked that the action scenes started early in the movie. However, I got the impression that Alicia Vikander was channeling Spider-man as she  raced her bike against competitors and made jokes as alluded to previously. A plus was this changed when the movie moved on to show her searching for her father as well as the Himiko artifact.  In my opinion it was creative when during one of the scenes, she managed to open a gigantic tomb by following the code that she had “practiced” on using a much smaller model.

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Plot of Tomb Raider Movie

I think the plot of Tomb Raider needed fine tuning.  If the overall mission of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft was to find her lost father, then the movie demonstrated a rather hackneyed plot that has been used in movies many times before. However, there was also the goal of finding this artifact character by the name of Himiko. The plot could have been streamlined to leave her father out of the movie, except for flashbacks and have her concentrate on finding Himiko as well as all the side adventures and obstacles she would encounter during her search.  Also when this Himiko character was located, the movie took on a sort of horror story atmosphere which does not correlate to Lara Croft’s adventures in the Tomb Raider video game. The theme of Tomb Raider is one of discovery and adventures by Lara Croft, rather than unmasking horrors, grotesque transformations, etc.

Tomb Raider Movie and the  Video Game

There were a few action scenes that seemed to be extracted directly from the 2013 Tomb Raider video game. I had the fortune to play this particular video game from beginning to end -- so I’m aware of all the action scenes. The movie seemed to take on a life of its own whenever Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft was doing such things as accosting the plane wreckage,  swinging from ropes, crossing bridges that were precariously located above treacherous waters and her other video game inspired adventures.

Assessment of Tomb Raider Movie

I believe casting an actor in a role is an important part of movie-making.  When the audience looks at the character, they should be able to believe that even though this person is acting, he or she is a good fit for the character.  I think, for the most part Alicia Vikander, was miscast as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movie. Except for the outfit she wore during the adventure scenes of the movie, she was not in my opinion, believable as Lara Croft. I liked that during her adventure scenes, she wore the outfit that I used for her mostly in the adventure video game. However, she appeared too frail and weak to take on all the action scenes required for the movie. Of course some of these scenes were done by stunt people, so it’s not a big deal.  

Alicia Vikander seemed capable in most of the running scenes, however not so much regarding the other scenes. For example, the scenes with her hanging from structures seemed too much for her.  If she was not already taken as Wonder Woman, I think Gal Gadot would have made an excellent Lara Croft. Since she’s unavailable, some other actor fitting of Lara Croft could have been cast who looked like she had the stamina to sustain the actions involved in the Tomb Raider movie. Other than the miscasting, I think the movie, Tomb Raider is worth seeing, even if you see it just for the action scenes.

Rating of Tomb Raider Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to five stars, with five stars being the best, I rate Tomb Raider 2 ¾ stars.

A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone, and do not represent those of

Introduction to A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review by Ms. H

The interesting Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) visuals from the movie previews caught my interest so I decided to see A Wrinkle in Time in the movie theater.  Spoiler Alert: SInce this is a Disney movie, there is a happy ending; however, there are movie details I would like to bring to your attention.  These details will help you decide if you should see this movie, if you should let your children see this movie, or if you should just pass on the movie period.

Synopsis of A Wrinkle in Time Movie

The synopsis of A Wrinkle in Time revolves around the journey of a young girl in search of her father who goes missing.  Interesting enough, he became lost due to his quest to find a different dimension that is without time and space --  accessible only by using your mind.

A subplot in the movie involves  problems Storm Reid’s character, Meg Murry experience being rebellious as well as bullied at school. Meg Murry thinks no one likes her and that she is in fact, not worthy of being liked. Enter her six year old brother who initially offers her encouragement but becomes overly verbally abusive to his sister as the movie goes on.  Of course, he eventually snaps out of this phase.

Characters in A Wrinkle in Time Movie

One of the stars in the movie is Oprah Winfrey who plays the part of Mrs. Which.  When asked on a talk show recently if she had to audition for the film, she said that originally she had not intended to be in the movie, but “visited” her director friend, who suggested that she try out for the part -- that she of course landed.  

Another actor I would like to mention is Reese Witherspoon who played the part of Mrs. Whatsit.  During the movie, she attempted to be the comic relief, but in my opinion did not deliver as well as expected. This is ironic since she is known for having roles in comedy movies.

Chris Pine played the part of the lost father, Dr. Alex Murry.  His role in the movie was relatively small compared to that of the other characters. He played his role adequately; however, as I watched him, I couldn’t help but see him as the romantic interest of Gal Gadot, Steve Trevor in the blockbuster movie Wonder Woman.

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Visual Effects in A Wrinkle in Time Movie

There were colorful visual effects in the dimension the characters entered to search for Dr. Murry.  The visuals of the flowers and other items in the environment were done well. However, I think it was asinine to think that flowers could communicate to humans and understand what is being said  -- even if this was a Disney movie.

There is a scene that I thought was done especially well for a children’s Disney movie which could have been from a bone fide action/adventure movie. Spoiler Alert:  I’m referring to the forest scene in the movie where all you saw were plenty of  trees and rough weather with strong winds. The characters’ goal was to cross a wall they encountered in this environment; however, the torrential winds and air borne trees prevented them from doing so. Meg Murry came up with an ingenious plan to get across the wall in light of the stormy weather -- a plan that actually worked. In my opinion, this scene was the highlight of the movie.

Tone of A Wrinkle in Time Movie

I think the movie, A Wrinkle in time projected an overall atmosphere of sadness especially when I expected it to be a “happy Disney” movie.  Spoiler Alert: Here is a recap of some of the sad events in the movie A Wrinkle in Time:

  1. Meg Murry is constantly bullied and ridiculed
  2. Due to her low self-esteem, Meg Murry thinks she and Calvin O'Keefe should not be seen together
  3. The father left without communicating to the family the possibility he could disappear as a result of his experiments
  4. Meg Murry’s six year old brother George Wallace Murry played by Deric McCabe insults and ridicules Meg Murry in the movie -- which seemed out of place for this character.
  5. Looks like none of the parents are concerned about the whereabouts of their children while they are in this strange place since there were no search squads, etc. when they went to the other dimension.

Assessment of A Wrinkle in Time Movie

After the movie ended and as I was walking out the movie theater,  a young child told the person she was with that she wanted to see the movie again.  The person said, “But you cried during the movie.” She replied that she still wanted to see it again.  Maybe she wanted to see it again in the hopes the sad premise of the movie would change. I’m speculating here, but I do not think it’s an ideal situation for children to cry during movies -- even if that movie does eventually have a happy ending.

As an aside:  I also noticed the director liked to show plenty of close ups of faces -- especially in the beginning of the movie.  I think a change from the steady stream of close-ups would have improved the movie.  Additionally, the choice of someone other than the six year old boy would have been a better choice to play the the bully in the movie.  The saving graces of this movie, in my opinion, were the scenes that showed the effects of the wind storm as I alluded to previously as well as the CGI when Mrs. Whatits becomes a flying vessel for the characters.

Rating of A Wrinkle in Time Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate A Wrinkle in Time 2 stars.


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